4 Signs to Spot the Perfect Processor

No matter what kind of plates you work with – water-based, solvent-based, for UV printing. Today I’m going to tell you about the 4 signs that every printer must look for when they have toDettagli

Films are doomed

How many times have you got this… despite aiming to a very different result? I bet it’s happened so often you’ve lost count. You’ve grown accustomed to it, to such an extent you’re not evenDettagli

Tailor-made Anilox Ultrasonic Cleaners

Every Anilox Ultrasonic Cleaner Ditomsounds can be tailor-made to meet specific customer requirements: washing tank, rinsing tank, anilox HD option, customized support sleeves, motor rotation. Each component can be added into or crossed out ofDettagli

New Automatic Machine Parts Washer

Low-cost automatic machine entirely “Made in Europe”. Easy to use, it guarantees perfect cleaning of doctor blades, tanks and machine parts in general. Side tank and cover are also available as optionals. This machine partsDettagli

Aquaflex: the Pure Flexo Plate

The use of water-based photpolymer plates has caught on and is gaining inscreasing popularity. “Pure” flexo plates tha can be processed in water, like Aquaflex, have multiple advantages as far as plate processing and printingDettagli