Aquaflex, the Solution: a Water-based Flexo Plate

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Omino copyDo you produce polymer plates for UV flexo but regularly find that debris and dust are transferred onto your plate in printing? Is it virtually impossible to print with the same plates more than once? Are you forced to resort to a plate trade shop and put up with all the related nuisances? Have you ever been promised solutions that inevitably fail to come true? You are probably using the wrong plate: AQUAFLEX is the solution you are looking for.

Dit-aqu03Pure water-based flexo plate. Excellent quality that you can achieve at your own site.
Soft and flexible for more successive reprints. Ready in less than 30 minutes. Resistant to UV-based, solvent-based and water-based inks.
Suitable for HD certifications.


  • These plates are specifically designed for flexo printing: flexible and with excellent ink transfer.
  • They are processed in water and are compatible with all ink typed – UV-based, solvent-based and water-based.
  • Speedy production: 114-thick plates are ready in 25 minutes!
  • No waiting. After processing the plates are immediately ready for printing. Because there is no solvent involved, there is no risk of plate swelling.
  • Easy production: specific automatic machines allow for quick and easy plate production.
  • Excellent colour density in halftones and sharper nuances.
  • Water-based Aquaflex flexo plates have perfect colour release and allow to minimize – if not entirely eliminate – buildup downtime spent cleaning plates.
  • Superior durability in printing: Aquaflex plates allow for extra long runs.

There currently is a huge demand for water-based flexo plates in label printing and food packaging sectors, where special attention needs to be paid to printing components.

HD-certified in their digital version, Aquaflex plates are especially indicated for printers valuing quality and speedy production and wanting to avoid solvent disposal issues.

Our specialized technicians will be glad to give you more details about these outstanding plates! If you would like to receive more information, please do not hesitate to write us at

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