There are multiple applications to Miraclon and Rigilon Plates:

Curve printing: Labels

Suggested products: Miraclon DF (film-based), DS (steel-based for magnetic rolls)

Most common thicknesses: 0.80, 0.94 mm


Miraclon, water-based plates ideally suited to label production

UV Flexo: A very convenient alternative to processing plates with solvents for all those who produce their own plates. Compatible with UV-based inks.

Suggested product: Miraclon BF (film-based)

Most common thicknesses: 1.14, 1,52, 1.70 mm

Spot Varnishing: Offset or Letterpress plates for varnishing.

Suggested products: Miraclon BF(film-based)

Most common thicknesses: 0.94 , 1.14 mm

Embossing / Hot stamping: 100% water-based, highly suggested for manual embossing.

Suggested products: TFPP(steel-based) and MX (steel-based)

Main thicknesses: 1.00 , 1.30 , 1.45, 1,75 mm

Pad printing: Curve printing

Suggested products: Miraclon MS (steel-based)

Main thicknesses: 0.43mm

Flat printing: Labels and tags.

Suggested products: Miraclon MF-H (film-based), MS (steel-based)

Most common thicknesses: 0.94, 1.62, 1.75 mm

Dry-offset: tins, plastic tubes, yogurt cups ecc.

Suggested products: Miraclon MS, ES, DS (steel-based)

Most common thicknesses: 0.73, 0.83, 0.94 mm

Adhesive tape printing: Printing on adhesive tapes and adhesive tapes for the packaging industry.

UV flexo inks.

Suggested products: Miraclon BF(film-based)

Main thicknesses: 1.52 – 1,70 – 2.00 mm

Security printing: Certificates, anti-counterfeit documents, passaports, banknotes.

Suggested products: Miraclon MS (steel-based)

Main thicknesses: 0.43, 0.73 mm

Miraclon per stampa a caldo e rilievo.

TFPP for hot stamping

Matrix board, hot stamping and embossing.

Suggested products: steel-based Rigilon MX for hot stamping with semi-automatic machines. 

Main thicknesses: 1,00 – 1,45 – 1,75 mm


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